My book is coming this year!

“Women Who Inspire” is a collection of over 20 inspirational stories to fuel your soul’s deepest desires, authentic truth and divine purpose.

BIG NEWS: Patty Aubrey, President of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is endorsing the Women Who Inspire book series!!!

Sneak peek:
“I started off as a Secretary and worked my way up to President and CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. As President of Chicken Soup for the Soul, I was responsible for the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand AKA Chicken Soup for the Soul® in my early 30’s. And, I had also created a multi-million dollar training company around the Success Principles, How to Get From Where You are To Where YOU WANT TO BE, along with my business partner of 20 years, Jack Canfield… “

Can NOT wait for Women Who Inspire to be released!!! September 26th… get ready!!!

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