Welcome to Confidence + Clothing!!

Thank you all for coming back!!! I started this blog to share more of my story, which I started in my book, Women Who Inspire. I discuss in the book that, yes, I have anxiety… And I do not hide it anymore!

I have had anxiety since I was a child, but did not know what it was. I had low self-esteem since very young. I never felt I was enough. The list of crappy things I would tell myself goes on and on. You are not good at sports; you are not skinny enough for those jeans; you are not as pretty as those girls on TV or in magazines.

I trained myself how to be negative from a very young age. I told myself negative thoughts day in and day out. I had the nerve to wonder why I have had so many panic attacks!

The anxiety continued in my head as an adult, especially over the many, many years of trying to have kids. I thought I would be the perfect mother. I saw myself staying at home and leaving my career in cosmetology, baking cookies all day, learning to sew for their school play costumes—all because I thought that is what the “perfect” mother would do. Guess what…I don’t do any of that!!!! I love working, buying store-bought cookies, and I still do not know how to sew. I have learned that it is ok. My kids are having a fantastic upbringing, even though I may not do those things. I would rather them have fun and to keep being kind and loving to others.

The more I speak about anxiety, the more I have people message me that they too have anxiety. When most people reach out to me, they will share that they do not know what to do, how to get better, or how to stop the panic attacks! I will be totally honest—I am still working on it.

Why do we allow such negative self-talk, especially as women? (Although I know a ton of men who have anxiety also.) But why? Why are we always comparing ourselves? Why are we so harsh about the way we look? Why do we feel the need to be perfect?

I hope this makes you feel that you aren’t alone, and realize that nobody has all of the answers all of the time. In my blog I’m going to share ways that I deal with my anxiety and helpful tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday life to get some relief.

I have also learned how food and exercise can affect your anxiety. (There are a variety of foods that can actually increase anxiety!) Yoga was and still is a lifesaver for me with anxiety.

We need to take care of ourselves!!! We cannot be great moms, wives, sisters, daughters, or friends when we do not take care of ourselves. This is a hard one for women. We are taught to be caretakers of everyone else. Whether we are stay-at-home moms or working moms, we are in control of our lives! Yes, of course we take care of our children and our homes, but we not only need, but HAVE to take care of ourselves. Whether it is going to the gym, going for a run, or getting a massage or facial—whatever it is that makes you feel good!!! Let your light inside feel good and beam. When we have confidence inside, it shines on the outside!!!

…Which has led me to what I want to share with the world. I want us all to feel beautiful from the inside out. I know that is why God chose for me to become a hair stylist and makeup artist. I am going to teach each and every person who wants to go on this journey with me how to love themselves on the inside, be more confident and enhance their beauty on the outside!!!


I really hope you are going to take this journey with me!!!
Welcome to Confidence + Clothing!