Fear—we all have it!

Fear is simply what we are telling ourselves. We have trained our brains to think constant, negative, scary thoughts. At this moment, my son is not himself. He is okay, maybe just a low fever, but my thoughts are taking it to a whole new level. They are saying, “What could be wrong? What if he throws up? It’s his birthday week…what if he is sick all week? Then Lila will get it! And I’ll have to miss work during the busiest month ever!” 

See how I did that? I just created a scary story in my head in about 2.5 seconds! None of this has happened yet, but in my mind, I am always preparing—preparing for the worst to happen, because if I think it is going to happen and I prepare myself, I will be ready. Not only that, but I am also causing my heart to race, my stomach to hurt and an opportunity for a panic attack. This is just one example of my very overactive brain. 

I wrote this post about fear because I am sure a lot of my readers can relate. It may not be about sickness, but something else. Could it be a job interview, starting a new business, or even just wearing something you are afraid may not look right? All of these thoughts are stemming from FEAR!

I shared a post on social media this week about how I ventured to wear a very different outfit to an event with my daughter. (I also want my readers to know about my love of fashion!) She questioned my choice, and I thought, “Oh no, maybe other people will say that!” I wore it anyway and felt great, AND I got so many compliments. Do what you feel in your heart, and rock it with a smile the whole time!

I am here writing to tell you, yes I am a little anxious at the moment, but a year ago I would be having a full-blown panic attack over this to the point where I would get physically sick, my hands would go numb, and I truly thought I was going to die! No one has ever died from a panic attack, but I am here to tell you, it sure as hell feels like you are going to!

If I can give you one piece of advice that I learned as I started to pursue new ventures like writing my book, starting my social media fashion group, Confidence + Clothing, I want to tell you all…just do it!!!! Start that diet, start your business, start whatever it is that you know deep down you want to do, but fear is holding you back. Now is the time, you do not want to look back at the age of 80, and say “I should have done that.” Do not worry about what other people think. It is none of your business. Yes read that again—it is none of your business what other people think or say about you. The problem they have with you, is most likely a problem they have within themselves.

Sending you all peace and love!!

XOXO Mandy